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We’ll be right back!

Episode 06 is coming soon! But for now, your man John is in Europe gallivanting around like an irresponsible tourist, leaving the rest of us to pick up the pieces. Worry not - his treason will be severely punished. In this post, we update you on what's happening with EXIT, YTG, and the theatre community at large.

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Exposition II

I’m writing this after listening to episode 2 for the first time. I’m Andrew, by the way. Although the credits list me as a producer, John is doing 90% of the work in that regard. My role is mostly identifying the people we want to interview, since I’m a long-time member of the international theatre community in Japan, or the ITCinJ as we call it. No. We don’t call it that. Wipe that from your mind.

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And so we begin! Hey there; I'm John, and I'll be producing this clunky little audio journey. It's been some time since I've put together a new podcast - there's no small joy in being able to indulge a long-lost passion for theatre, so I do hope you'll stick around to enjoy it with us. [...]

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