About John

John Matthews is a long-time resident of Japan and the host of EXIT. He serves on Yokohama Theatre Group's board of directors, and can be heard on NPR (National Public Radio) stateside reporting on news from Japan.

Episode 01 – Sarajean Rossitto and SEVEN

For the inaugural episode of EXIT, we begin by interviewing a core driver of the international theatre community, Sarajean Rossitto. She's producing SEVEN, a show that runs April 14-17 at the Trance Mission Theater in Sangubashi, Tokyo.


And so we begin! Hey there; I'm John, and I'll be producing this clunky little audio journey. It's been some time since I've put together a new podcast - there's no small joy in being able to indulge a long-lost passion for theatre, so I do hope you'll stick around to enjoy it with us. [...]