About John

John Matthews is a long-time resident of Japan and the host of EXIT. He serves on Yokohama Theatre Group's board of directors, and can be heard on NPR (National Public Radio) stateside reporting on news from Japan.

Episode 10 – James Sutherland, Artistic Director of CITA

James Sutherland, a craftsman in the theatre arts and a smooth-talking Kiwi, joins us to talk about his work with CITA and theories on methodology in Episode 10 of Exit, Pursued by Kaiju.

Episode 09 – Graig Russell, Director of Macbeth

The modern Graig Bob Russell, man-bun and all, is nothing short of whiz-tastic when it comes to lighting design and has shown an ineffable aptitude for wordcraft, lightcraft, and occasionally fart jokecraft. With Macbeth, he has found himself in the director's slot at the head of his biggest undertaking so far in his theatre career. We bring him in for Episode 09 of Exit, Pursued by Kaiju.

Episode 08 – Tania Coke, Director of Touch Me Not

She comes from the business world, tempted into a land of creativity by a simple "why not?" Now, as a theatremaker, she focuses on her work in corporeal mime. We bring on Tania Coke, close collaborator with YTG and director of YTG's Touch Me Not, for Episode 08 of EXIT, Pursued by Kaiju.

Episode 07 – Rodger Sonomura, the Bo Jackson of Performing Arts in Tokyo

In this episode: He crosses the oft-hefty divide between drama/musical theatre and comedy, performing with organizations like Tokyo International Players, Yokohama Theatre Group, the Pirates of Tokyo Bay, Okomedyaki. He's also active behind the scenes, providing moral, promotional, and other such support to the bevy of groups he has connections with (see: nearly all of them). Rodger Sonomura joins us for EXIT 07.

Episode 06 – Wendell T. Harrison of TATE

And we're back! As promised! For Episode 06, we've got the long-awaited conclusion of the interview with Wendell T. Harrison, beefy boss of Tokyo Artistic Theatre Ensemble. Come on down and get settled back in with EXIT. Plus, great photos from Free at Last are in here too!

We’ll be right back!

Episode 06 is coming soon! But for now, your man John is in Europe gallivanting around like an irresponsible tourist, leaving the rest of us to pick up the pieces. Worry not - his treason will be severely punished. In this post, we update you on what's happening with EXIT, YTG, and the theatre community at large.

Episode 05 – Daniel Wishes and Seri Yanai of the Mochinosha Puppet Company

Fine motor skills abound - this episode we're sitting down with Daniel Wishes and Seri Yanai of the Mochinosha and the Wishes Mystical Puppet Company, to talk (at length) about shadow puppetry and other puppetry disciplines in Japan and abroad. We think this one's truly unique - and plus, a preview from Wendell T. Harrison of Free at Last, which opens 2 June in Tokyo!

Episode 04 – Stefhen Bryan, the Doodu Boy

For Stefhen Bryan, who narrowly escaped death at a very young age in a tragic cesspool accident, life was about finding his father's approval - something he never attained. Now, his game is bringing his stories to others, on Broadway, off Broadway around the world, and in Japan. His autobiographical Doodu Boy is on at The Pink Cow on May 29, 2016 - but for now, he's in our chair for Episode 04 of EXIT.

Episode 03 – Rachel Roberts of Apocrypha

Taking things into the events field (but no less about performing arts!), we sit down with Rachel Roberts, arguably one of the most prolific event coordinators in Tokyo for Episode 03 of EXIT, Pursued by Kaiju.

Episode 02 – Frances Somerville, Martin Leroux and Big River

Our second episode is a two-fer, featuring Big River's Frances Somerville (Stage Manager) and Martin Leroux (Huckleberry Finn). We turn one of these two into a rapper for this episode - listen to find out who!