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You’ve reached the home of Exit, Pursued by Kaiju, a biweekly podcast about international theatre in Japan. Exit, Pursued by Kaiju is being made to help bring the international theatre community in Japan together. By community we mean both the audiences and the people who make theatre here. There’s amazing theatre being made all around us in Japan by international groups, but many of us are so focused on our own projects that we miss a lot of it. Not anymore! With Kaiju, we aim to bring you a bi-weekly update about what is going on and what is coming up. We’ll announce upcoming shows and events as well as do interviews with the show-makers themselves. You’ll learn what is coming up, how to get involved, and some behind-the-scenes info. We aim to be the place to go to find out about theatrical happenings in the Kanto region and beyond.


About Your Hosts

John Matthews
John MatthewsCo-host, Head Yokel
John Matthews is a man-about-town in Yokohama, and former resident of Nishinomiya, in Hyogo Prefecture (from whence he gained his love for the Hanshin Tigers baseball team). Born of earthy origins in Georgia (USA), he works in public relations, broadcasting, and translation – public radio fans may occasionally hear his work over the air in the United States. The EXIT website was originally developed by his hand, with the assistance of Kimberly Dalton and, of course, Andrew. John currently serves on the Board of Directors for Yokohama Theatre Group, where he volunteers time helping with bilingual matters, photography, videography, and other sundry tasks.
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Andrew Woolner
Andrew WoolnerCo-host, Pedant-in-Chief
Andrew has been doing theatre in one way or another since he first put on a sheep’s costume and dripped snot on the baby Jesus at the age of 3. Inevitably, he got a degree in Theatre and ran his own theatre company in Toronto. After arriving in Japan, he took a 3 year hiatus from theatre before jumping into the artistic director shoes for the Yokohama Theatre Group (YTG). He writes, acts, directs and now, apparently, co-hosts podcasts. Andrew lives in Yokohama with his family.