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Listen to EXIT Episode 10

Released 18 November 2016

Images from CITA’s Earthbound

Images courtesy of CITA
Humans of Earth!

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Podcast Guest

James Sutherland
James SutherlandArtistic Director - the International Centre for Theatre Arts
He might disagree, but James might be best described as a craftsman – someone who takes great pleasure in the art and the method, as well as its history and refinement over time. In his own words, challenge is critical – keeping a community alive and fresh through discourse.

As of this recording, one of his newest works is Earthbound, or 重力 (gravity). You can find more about Earthbound, CITA’s five-year project and past works at the CITA website, internationalcita.com (or just click/tap his photo, that’ll take you there).

Glamorous mid-interview photo by John.