Tania’s links:

(Tania’s own corporeal mime teachers)
Theatre de l’Ange Fou – angefou.co.uk
Tania’s workshops in Tokyo – at meetup.com
Tania’s September performance at Biwako Biennale – at energyfield.org

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Listen to EXIT Episode 08

Released 1 Sep, 2016

Images from Touch Me Not

Photos by John Matthews

Podcast Guest

Tania Coke
Tania CokeDirector - Touch Me Not
She comes from the business world, tempted into a land of creativity by a simple “why not?” Now, as a theatremaker, she focuses on her work in corporeal mime. But, before you start thinking … white makeup, walking against the wind, pulling on a rope, and monochrome striped shirt … this ain’t your Hollywood stereotype of mime. Corporeal mime is a discipline that puts the actor front and centre not just in the performance, but in the whole process of creating that performance. As you’ll learn in our interview with her, it’s a technique that many of the greats have used to build physically-stunning performances.

Tania Coke has dedicated the last 20 years to this art form, both teaching and performing, and she’s come to talk to us about it and her upcoming show (for YTG) entitled *Touch Me Not*.

Pictured with Andrew, co-host of EXIT and actor in Touch Me Not.
Photo by John.

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