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Ol’ Rodger was good enough to give us some awesome links to stuff he’s involved in, so here goes.

Tokyo Comedy Store –
Tokyo Impro Festival –
Pirates of Tokyo Bay –
Okomedyaki –
Tokyo Theatre for Children –
Impro Japan –


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Released 17 Aug, 2016

A Multivariate Rodger Analysis

Photos from No Time to Wait (B&W) by Stephen Jackson

Podcast Guest

Rodger Sonomura
Rodger SonomuraMan - Or Is He?
We could throw a list of titles at you, but they would fill your screen.

So instead, we will tell you that Rodger is a deeply educated and broadly passionate fellow who has been rooted in the performing arts community in Tokyo and environs for some long years. Despite that, he’s managed to keep from letting it get to his head – his demeanor reflects a man of humility and caprice, someone who is always trying something new and who is willing to make mistakes.

He crosses the oft-hefty divide between drama/musical theatre and comedy, performing with organizations like Tokyo International Players, Yokohama Theatre Group, the Pirates of Tokyo Bay, and Okomedyaki. He’s also active behind the scenes, providing moral, promotional, and other such support to the bevy of groups he has connections with (see: nearly all of them).

He also does not sleep, as you may have expected.

Photo by Michael Holmes, renowned photographer for Pechakucha Tokyo and other stuff.

Fools! Don’t forget that MacBeth is coming up, and it’s gonna be a big big big one! I’m also in it, and that makes it super-especially-extra-important! Yes!
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