So, uh, hey.
Sorry this took so long.
But I’m back.
So alles gut, ja?

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Released 3 Aug, 2016

Images from Free at Last

Photos by John Matthews and Brie Dombrowski

Podcast Guest

Wendell T. Harrison
Wendell T. HarrisonArtistic Director, Tokyo Artistic Theatre Ensemble
Ungracefully thieved from the TaTe website:
Artistic Director Wendell T. Harrison studied theatre performance and directing in the US and UK and has directed and starred in a number of shows here in Tokyo during the past five years. While he is best known around town for commercial and film work, including the popular 2-year running “Aquarius Vitamin Guard” commercial and Benesse’s “Challenge English,” making theatre and collaborating with artists from all backgrounds is truly his passion. With that ideal, he started TaTe with close friends and is working everyday to keep expanding the company, giving performers in Tokyo another outlet for expression.

But really, we just think the guy’s super-cool with his heart in the right place.