We’ll be right back!

Seriously, we promise.

Hey, it’s John. As you might have noticed, EXIT hasn’t put out another of our promised biweekly episodes as of this writing. I’ve been schlepping around the European continent enjoying a long-needed vacation and will be back around July 20th to craft some artisanal audio content for you and your kin.

But, enough about me! Here’s what’s happening in the world of EXIT and the broader world of international theatre in Japan.

  • New hands on the YTG deck: Yokohama Theatre Group has just recruited a fine gentleman by the name of Henry Morse, talented in the ways of audio production and could probably do the drum solo from YYZ if we put him in a room for long enough. Welcome!
  • Upcoming EXIT interview – the T: As you know, the dashing and mega-talented Wendell T. Harrison, who once was asked by the Loch Ness Monster for tree fiddy, will be featuring on Episode 06, which we will be releasing as soon as we have edited down.
  • Upcoming EXIT interview – the R: Here’s a player entrenched across the entire scene – Rodger Sono, photographer, videographer, and all-around gentle soul is to feature on Episode 07.
  • Central Theatrelligence Agency: That’s a horrible name, and I should be ashamed. Andrew and I (and others) are still at work on compiling a concise, rich source of information for you and all theatre-lovers about what’s showing here in eastern Japan. Name is a work in progress – breathe easy.
  • TIP’s MacBeth rehearsals are underway: The Scottish play is in rehearsals NOW in Tokyo, and we’re immensely excited to be part of it. Your own Andrew Woolner is to appear in the show as Banquo! You can learn more at the official Facebook page for the show, here (link).

I’m incredibly excited to get back to Japan and keep building on what I feel could be the most unifying force in theatre out in Kanto. Keep in touch, and we’ll be back to you soon with more content and more ways for you to get involved!

Pictured: Kaiju menaces the port of Naxos, on Naxos Island, Greece.
Photo by John Matthews