Before You Listen

Check out this video from Mochinosha – it’ll give you an idea of the light/dynamics.

OK, -now- you can listen

Episode 05 - Released 2 June, 2016

Learn more about Mochinosha

Mochinosha was founded in 2012 by Canadian artist Daniel Wishes and Japanese artist Seri Yanai. The two met while studying puppetry together at the London School of Puppetry in the UK.
In 2016, Mochinosha will be showing in:

  • Winnipeg, Victoria, Vancouver: Space Hippo, Summer
  • Edmonton: Hitodama, Summer
  • Japan: Space Hippo, October

Get more info at (link)

Guest the First

Daniel Wishes
Daniel WishesCo-founder, Mochinosha and the Wishes Mystical Puppet Company
For looks, think Will Ferrell at 21.
For talent, think expert pickpocket (in terms of finger dexterity, of course).

Guest the Second

Seri Yanai
Seri YanaiCo-founder, Mochinosha and the Wishes Mystical Puppet Company
Internationally educated.
Lover of fine motor skills.

Photos, Courtesy of Mochinosha