I’m writing this after listening to episode 2 for the first time. I’m Andrew, by the way. Although the credits list me as a producer, John is doing 90% of the work in that regard. My role is mostly identifying the people we want to interview, since I’m a long-time member of the international theatre community in Japan, or the ITCinJ as we call it. No. We don’t call it that. Wipe that from your mind.

I’m quite happy with the way this second episode turned out. To be honest, I wasn’t sure about it after the recording session. We recorded in a proper studio this time (that’s good!), but John forgot to close the internal soundproof door (that’s bad!). Our guests were super (that’s good!), but my microphone was positioned in such a way that I had to twist myself quite a bit to both speak into it and to look at who I was talking to (that’s bad!). Anyhoo, it looks like John covered up all the gaps in my microphone technique, so no harm done, except for the scoliosis I developed.

At the risk of offending all segue lovers, I suppose that this might also be a good time to talk a little bit about our plans for this podcast, and, by extension, this website. This might sound very world-domination-y, but we’re hoping to slowly become the hub of the international theatre community in Japan– essentially, the go-to space to find out about theatre-related events. Bwa-ha-ha-ha! [strokes cat]