And so we begin!

Hey there; I’m John, and I’ll be producing this clunky little audio journey. It’s been some time since I’ve put together a new podcast – there’s no small joy in being able to indulge a long-lost passion for theatre, so I do hope you’ll stick around to enjoy it with us.

As of this post, the website is still shambling along into what will soon be its final form, but we’re happy to take any suggestions as to what you want to see (or hear!) when it comes to theatre here in Japan. To perhaps demolish one of your initial questions, though Andrew and I are both involved with people on the more domestic side of theatre here in Japan, running a bilingual podcast is quite a tricky proposition. Still, don’t be surprised if you do see some content crop up here and again from the domestic side.

We would like to give a few very special thanks as we launch this site:

  • Designer Naoto Kasuya for his work on the Kaiju and character designs that you will see here and again
  • Peter Kambasis for his work in mixing/editing sound effects and music for the podcast
  • Kevin MacLeod for the outro theme – “Corruption”
  • The crews of the myriad theatre groups in Japan, without whom we would not have this podcast (nor some much-needed entertainment and camaraderie)
  • User Jahzzar of for the intro theme (CC BY-SA)
  • Kimberly Dalton for consulting on website layout and coding